A better way to learn piano

Music lessons, reimagined

Our team of musicians and education experts have designed LUMI to make your first musical steps more intuitive, accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

Making music is good for you

Learning to play the piano is more than just great fun. It’s been proven by scientists and psychologists to sharpen your mind, lift your mood and hone your dexterity.

The best bit? Whether you’re an absolute beginner or modern Mozart, you’ll benefit from the first day you play. That’s why the opportunity to learn should be available to everyone.


of learners eventually give up on their musical instrument (ABRSM Report)

So why don't more people learn?

If you’ve felt frustrated or overwhelmed starting out with piano, you’re not alone. It’s difficult to know where to begin without a dedicated music teacher — and lessons are rarely cheap. Too many beginners feel discouraged by slow progress, or stuck playing music they don’t know.

We believe there’s a better way.

Introducing a new way to learn

We created LUMI to bypass the traditional barriers to learning piano. It’s our mission to teach you all the core skills you need — from rhythm and hand positioning to note recognition and performing styles — within a uniquely absorbing and instructive system.

Learn by sound and vision

From colorful, illuminated keys to revolutionary new ways of displaying notes, LUMI allows visual learners to dive right into performing without knowledge of music theory. <br> It’s a ‘*paint by numbers*’ approach that makes playing your first songs easier than ever before. And these joyful early experiences will inspire you to continue onto more challenging music.

Learn in a guided curriculum

At the heart of the LUMI experience is a structured curriculum to guide you through your very first steps as a musician. Featuring a curated mix of interactive lessons, you’ll be introduced to new concepts in bitesize chunks — and your skills are reinforced with exercises and songs along the way.

Learn music you love

Stay motivated by learning to play songs you love from day one, from classical and pop to rock and electronic. LUMI’s thrilling selection of music goes far beyond traditional exam pieces, so you’ll keep coming back for more, no matter your skill level.

Learn with instant feedback

No piano teacher can be around to share feedback every time you practice — but LUMI can! Every element of the LUMI app is designed to reward your successes, track your progress and show you where there’s room to improve. Set your own targets and the motivation to practice will follow.

A method that evolves with our learners

We’re committed to making LUMI better and better. We gather feedback regularly from LUMI learners to help us design new app features, lessons and songs to improve your learning journey.

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It's a fact: Making music is good for you

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