Where can I buy LUMI Keys?

LUMI Keys will be available for purchase from playlumi.com and selected retailers from Spring 2020. Please do not attempt to purchase LUMI Keys from an unauthorized vendor. Sign up here to be the first to know when LUMI Keys is on sale and get 10% off: get.playlumi.com

Where can I find the LUMI Keys manual?

Download it from playlumi.com 

Can I play LUMI Keys on its own without an app?

LUMI Keys is a MIDI controller. You need to connect it to a computer running complementary software for it to work. You can connect it the LUMI Music app on mobile, or ROLI Studio desktop software, or dozens of other desktop music production programs. LUMI Keys will not work on its own.

What mobile devices are compatible with the LUMI Music App?

Go to the ROLI Support page to find a regularly updated list of compatible devices for the LUMI Music app.

Is the LUMI Music App free?

You can play along to 60 well-known classical and folk songs for free. That’s part of the LUMI Essential tier in the app, which also has interactive sessions that teach you music basics and help you build your keyboard skills. LUMI Premium, accessible to subscribers only, has a selection of contemporary songs spanning rock to pop.

Do I need a LUMI Premium subscription to play LUMI?

You don’t. Subscribing to LUMI Premium is completely optional. It’s a good choice for people who want to learn to play pop, rock, and other contemporary songs, but the completely free LUMI Essential content tier has plenty of songs and lessons to help people start playing the keyboard.

Is LUMI Keys a ROLI Block?

LUMI is not technically part of the ROLI BLOCKS family of modular controllers, but it has the same technology as BLOCKS and can be seamlessly integrated with BLOCKS through ROLI Dashboard and ROLI Studio software.

How do I use LUMI Keys with desktop music software programs?

LUMI Keys is compatible with most DAWs and plugins. It also is bundled with ROLI Studio, ROLI’s desktop software suite featuring hundreds of sounds and tools for creating your own tracks, as well as ROLI Dashboard. LUMI Keys creators can download ROLI Studio via ROLI Connect.

How many LUMI Keys can I put together?

DNA Connectors on LUMI Keys let you snap multiple LUMIs together to create a larger keyboard. The LUMI Music app supports two LUMIs. You can connect up to four, but only through ROLI Studio desktop software. So two is the limit for LUMI Music users.

What’s the battery life of LUMI Keys?

4 to 5 hours.

Does LUMI come with a warranty?

A limited 1 year warranty is included with LUMI Keys.