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Grow your playing surface as you grow your skills. Add two LUMI keyboards together to instantly build a 48 key instrument, unlock two-handed parts in LUMI Complete and take the next step in your learning journey.

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Adding a second LUMI keyboard is as simple as a snap of the fingers. Just click two LUMI Keys together with magnetic DNA Connectors and the LUMI app will recognise both right away.

Unlock parts for two hands

More than 500 songs in LUMI Membership have parts for two hands — with more added every month. Practice with your left hand first, then right. When you're ready, play with both hands together.

Level up your learning

The LUMI app is packed with music to help you get started with 24 keys. But 48 keys will help you can take your piano playing to the next level — from playing songs with more octaves to building hand coordination with more advanced challenges.

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