Learn piano by leaping over lava

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29th September 2022

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There are many different ways to learn piano. But did you know you can learn by leaping over lava and icy oceans?

Springboard is a LUMI musical platform game that's so much fun, you’ll hardly notice you’re improving your keyboard coordination and note knowledge along the way!

Guide the Springboard band to safety as they learn to play the melodies to Jump by Van Halen, Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor, Kids by MGMT and many more classic songs. Springboard is exclusively available with LUMI Membership.

Meet all 7 characters in the Springboard band — pictured below. Can you help them finish every level with a perfect performance?


Always the first out of the gate, Clef loves powering ahead with a funky bassline. He’s often a little too confident — do you have the skills to stop him tripping up?


Bimbim enjoys everything about the 80s: the synths, the sequins and the crazy hairstyles. She can help you get ahead, when she’s not looking backwards!


Foolie is a classic rock aficionado. His fave film is High Fidelity and he sometimes takes music a little too seriously. Can you help him hop like Hendrix?


Mineam prides herself on always knowing the hottest new tracks or cool piece of music technology. But how will she fare playing the classics?


From house to hip hop, Brevo loves all kinds of dance music. Make sure he keeps his eyes on the path ahead while he’s busting a move!


Quava is the rhythm king. He always keeps a steady beat for the band, so he’s a safe pair of hands when it’s his turn to run.


Cautious Crochet hates being front and centre. You’ll find her behind the boards, mixing the perfect track for the band. She’s the final Springboard character to jump before it’s game over!

From left to right: Foolie, Clef, Bimbim, Brevo, Crochet, Mineam and Quava.

29th September 2022

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