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There’s a musician in everyone.
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What you'll get:

All in one learning platform

LUMI is the first piano learning experience of its kind. It combines a glowing keyboard, an app and an ever-expanding library of songs, lessons and games — all in one engaging way to learn. Let lights and colors guide you at every stage of your learning journey.

Piano skills for life

Follow a guided curriculum of LUMI lessons and exercises designed by music education experts to introduce new concepts step by step. Whether you’re a beginner or returning to the piano after a long time away, you’ll pick up all the essentials you need.

Your 24/7 coach

LUMI is your very own piano teacher from home — and more! Track your progress every time you practice through real-time feedback and personal scoreboards. You’ll be amazed how fast you progress day by day.

Songs you love

Whether you prefer Billie Eilish, Beethoven or The Beatles, dive right into learning songs you know and love. There are over 800 tunes to explore in the LUMI app, from famous hits to hidden gems. So you’ll always be motivated to come back for more.

A personalized journey

How you learn with LUMI is up to you. Learn simple songs or take on tricky challenges. Pick your pace and choose your playing view, from shapes to sheet music. LUMI even suggests new music based on your learning profile.

Get more than regular

piano lessons, for less

Pick up a LUMI Keys and explore ever-expanding library of songs, lessons and games with a LUMI Membership subscription, starting from just $6.67 a month. That's less than most piano lessons.


Compared to most piano lessons, there's an almost indescribable joy in the freedom that learning piano with LUMI provides


What makes LUMI a better way to learn?

No matter your skill level, playing piano is great for your brain, body and mood. We designed every element of LUMI to make learning more intuitive and fun, every step of the way.

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