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From songs and lessons to games and exercises, LUMI Membership is your one-stop subscription packed with all you need to start learning piano. It's cheaper than traditional piano lessons too.

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What you'll get:

A guided curriculum of lessons

Subscribe to progress past the absolute basics and start playing more advanced music. LUMI lessons are all designed by experts to build your musical knowledge and keyboard skills.

Arcade games to build your skills

Springboard: Jump over waves of lava and icy oceans, all while learning note positioning and iconic pop melodies. Superluminal: Learn to play in key by shooting asteroids and enemy ships in a high-octane space adventure.

More music added every month

There's always something new to try when you become a LUMI Member. A selection of new songs to learn are released each month, plus more advanced lessons are regularly added to the app too.

Over 800+ songs you love

The Beatles, Billie Eilish, Beethoven, Beyoncé and beyond. Rock, pop, dance, classical, blues, reggae and more. Learn to play songs in every style when you subscribe.



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How you learn with a LUMI Membership is up to you. See how far you progress in a year with LUMI — and save. Or simply dip your toes in with a monthly subscription. Choose Solo if it's just for you, or our great value Family Membership for up to 5 learners.

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800+ songs

250+ lessons

350+ chord and scale exercises

Musical arcade games

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$119.99 $79.99 Billed annually

800+ songs

250+ lessons

350+ chord and scale exercises

Musical arcade games

30 day home trial

Save 56% over monthly plan

Memberships auto renew at the end of the billing period and can be cancelled any time by visiting your account on New annual Membership subscribers will benefit from a discounted first year, after which the Membership will renew at full price ($119.99, £99.99, €119.99 for Solo Membership and $179.99, £149.99, €179.99 for Family Membership).


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