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Get started with timeless tunes and foundational Lessons in LUMI Essential, free with LUMI. Join LUMI Complete for the entire, always-growing library of 400+ pop, rock, and classical Songs — plus all learning content.

LUMI Essential

All you need to start

40 classic Songs

Explore a selection of timeless classics, from folk music to challenging compositions by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and more.

60+ introductory Lessons

Learn fundamental music and keyboard skills, from chords to scales to playing technique, in over 60 interactive, introductory Lessons.

LUMI Complete

The full library of Songs, Lessons, and Exercises

600+ contemporary and classical Songs

From today's trending tracks to immortal ‘80s ballads, LUMI Complete covers a huge range of pop, rock, dance and other contemporary copyrighted Songs — plus all the classic songs in LUMI Essential.

200+ interactive Lessons

Go beyond the basics with the full LUMI curriculum. Lessons on music theory, technique, and specific musical genres give you a more advanced understanding of music and help you progress with your playing skills.

More Songs and Lessons every month

More interactive Songs and Lessons are added every month. Membership constantly gives you more ways to play and learn.

LUMI Essential vs LUMI Complete

MonthlyYearly - Save 33%



  • 40 classic songs
  • 60+ interactive, introductory lessons
  • 72 exercises, including essential chords and scales


$79 paid annually ($6.67 p/m)

  • 500+ pop, rock, dance, soul, and other contemporary copyrighted songs
  • 100+ classical and folk songs, including all in LUMI Essential
  • 200+ interactive lessons, including all in LUMI Essential
  • 380 exercises, including all chords and scales
  • More contemporary songs and new lessons added every month

A fun, unique alternative to traditional piano lessons


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