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Designed by musicians and education experts

We designed LUMI so you dive right into playing from the very beginning — and have fun every step of the way.

Discover why LUMI is a better way to learn:

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Music You Love

The Beatles, Billie Eilish, Beethoven, Beyoncé and beyond. Songs from hundreds of artists are waiting to meet you in the LUMI app, in a collection that stretches on and on.

More Than A Piano Teacher

Starting out with piano can be daunting. Swap the frustration for fun with a uniquely engaging and reassuring program of LUMI Lessons.

Your pathway to learning

LUMI makes learning simple with a guided curriculum for beginners. Follow along and grow your skill level step by step.


Music lessons, reimagined. Discover new ideas in bite-sized video sessions. Every lesson is completely interactive and led by our friendly LUMI Coaches.


Choose any scale or chord, get your fingers into position and master these building blocks of music.


Meet Your LUMI Coaches

Overflowing with experience and enthusiasm, your LUMI Coaches are the ever-ready, helpful teachers by your side:


Play Your Way

Every learner is different. LUMI lets you completely customize how you play, so you can learn at your perfect pace.

Choose Your Playing View

There are four great playing views to try when you play a LUMI song, from colored shapes to traditional sheet music:

Cascade View

Perfect for beginners, or anyone who wants to learn without reading traditional music. Play colorful note shapes as they cascade towards your keyboard, just like a waterfall.

Cascade View

Practice At Your Pace

Make notes wait

When you're starting out with new music it can help to pause every note. Both the app and the lights on LUMI Keys will wait until you're ready to move on.

Make notes wait

Motivational Magic

Every LUMI journey is packed with rewarding moments and new challenges to keep you coming back for more.

Beat your high score

Whether you're scoring a performance best on your favorite Song, or finishing the top level of a LUMI Game, you'll be inspired to get better and better.

Track your progress

LUMI always lets you know how you're doing. Mark your progress with each completed song and lesson. You'll even know if any note you play is early or late.

Celebrate your success

Keep returning to practice regularly and reap the rewards, from daily streaks to unlockables for special achievements.

The Most Advanced Learning Keyboard

Brightkey Technology

Groundbreaking Brightkey technology enables RGB light to shine from the top to the tip of each of LUMI's key.

Expand your experience

Ready to take your playing to the next level? Learning with 48 keys is only a click away. Just snap on a second LUMI Keys to discover two-handed lessons and advanced parts for your favorite songs.

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