A boy plays LUMI on the Family Membership. If you're considering embarking on a learning adventure together, here are our top 7 reasons why you should experience the pure delight of learning to play the piano as a family. Get ready to explore a world of music, laughter, and shared accomplishments with LUMI! The fun and easy way to learn piano.
A boy plays LUMI on the Family Membership


Learn piano, together


Over 1000 musical adventures await

From songs and lessons to games and exercises, LUMI Keys with LUMI Family Membership is your all-in-one platform for learning piano from home. With 5 user profiles allowed under one Membership, it’s the best value way for the whole family to learn.

How it works:

Family Membership

Simply select Family Membership at checkout, pay monthly or save with an annual plan.

Add up to 5 users

Create up to 5 profiles and track individual progress with unique usernames.

Start learning

There’s never been a better time to learn piano with your family from the comfort of your own home!

What you'll get:

Fun musical arcade games

Jump over waves of lava and icy oceans to learn note positioning with Springboard, or learn to play in key by shooting asteroids in a space adventure with Superluminal. The LUMI app has a game for all levels, helping kids and adults to progress quickly whilst having fun!

Play all the family favourites

Whether you sing along to The Beatles or Billie Eilish, there are hundreds of artists waiting to meet you in the LUMI app — with new songs added monthly.

Lessons for all levels

Get started with the basics and then accelerate to the advanced classes. The LUMI lessons are designed by experts to build musical knowledge and keyboard skills, no matter the skill level or age of your family members.

Personalized progress tracking

Individually track the learning paths you and your family have completed — as well as scores, songs, trophies and more!

A fun and easy way to learn together

The whole family can have fun learning with LUMI Keys — whether you want to play solo or learn a duet. Choose the method that suits each family member. With so many songs to try, guided bite-size lessons or games, it’s like having a 24/7 piano teacher at home!

Get more than regular

piano lessons, for less

Pick up LUMI Keys and explore an ever-expanding library of songs, lessons and games with a LUMI Family Membership subscription, starting from just $12.50, £10.83, €12.50 a month. That's less than most piano lessons.



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