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Learning piano is a journey, and LUMI makes it an adventure. However you learn, there’s something for you in the LUMI app. Jump right in to playing songs you love, take structured lessons, leap over pits of lava — or just browse and see what inspires you!

What you'll get in the LUMI App


From classical to rock, from beginner to advanced


Short, friendly lessons taught by coaches


A colorful way to practice chords and scales


Arcade-like games that reinforce skills

Play songs you love

The Beatles, Billie Eilish, Beethoven, and beyond. Songs from 100s of artists are waiting to meet you, in a collection that stretches on and on across the universe. Find a song that gets you in the groove, and start playing in minutes.  

Start playing songs in 5 steps

  1. Pick a song 

    Choose from 600+ in LUMI Complete (or 40 in LUMI Essential)    

  1. Choose your view

    From streaming shapes like in Guitar Hero, to sheet music 

  1. Watch the song played

    Get a feel for where the notes are — they light up!

  1. Start playing

    Practice makes perfect. You can always slow the tempo down.

  1. Play at full speed

    Full speed ahead! See your score, then beat it.


See how to play songs with the LUMI app

See how to play songs with the LUMI app

Take interactive lessons

What’s a scale? How do I find notes on the keyboard? What’s the right way to hold my hands? These are age-old questions, now answered through fun, interactive lessons. Friendly coaches in the LUMI app guide you through the basics of piano learning. 

What you'll learn in the LUMI app


From the notes within different scales, to their role as the foundation of songs


How chords build on scales, adding harmonic depth and vibrancy to songs


How rhythm follows methodical rules, even when it seems to shift freely 

Playing technique

From how you hold your finger on a key, to how you move between octaves  

Now added: Musical genres  

In our new Pick Up This Sound series, we guide you through your favorite style of music. Choose from reggae, the blues, dance anthems, and other genres. Unleash your inner Bob, Billie, or Calvin.


How you’ll learn

See how you learn through light, color, and the ingenious integration of app and keyboard.
How you’ll learn

Meet your keyboard coaches

Skilled coaches lead each lesson in the app. Whether they’re introducing the key of F or showing you how to play a hit song, they’ll guide you as your skills grow.


Exercise those hands

Just 10 minutes of scale practice a day will limber up your fingers and build muscle memory, helping you gain essential piano skills in a fun new way.  LUMI Exercises gamify how you practice scales and chords, the building blocks of music.

Game on

Catapulting yourself over an ocean of lava is a great way to master pop tracks. Play the game and you’ll see! Introducing Springboard, the first LUMI Game, which brings the thrill of ‘80s arcades and ‘90s Nintendo to your music learning journey.


30 days with LUMI: Jimmy's story

30 days with LUMI: Jimmy's story

Lessons are well made and easy to follow, they’re interactive, almost like a teacher at home


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