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Songs, Lessons, and Exercises

Play as you learn, learn as you play

Discover over 500 Songs from pop to classical, interactive Lessons in bite-sized films, and Exercises that reinforce your skills. Choose where to start learning. Take things at your own speed, and amaze yourself how quickly you progress.

What you'll get in the LUMI App

Songs you want to play
A hands-on, engaging way to learn
An experience you can personalize
Fast progress toward achievement

Play songs you love

Learn in the most engaging way possible: by playing songs you love. The app’s library of songs spans all genres and levels of difficulty, from Row Row Row Your Boat to Dua Lipa and Schubert. Choose how you view each song, and play at your own pace.

Get started in 5 steps

  1. Pick a song 

    There are 100s, and more added every month  

  1. Choose your view

    From streaming shapes like in Guitar Hero, to traditional sheet music 

  1. Watch the song played

    Get a feel for the rhythm and the position of the notes on the keyboard

  1. Practice at your own pace

    You can always slow things down, and speed up gradually

  1. Play at full speed

    This is where the challenge gets fun!


See how to play songs with LUMI

See how to play songs with LUMI

Learn through interactive lessons

Learn the fundamentals of playing the piano — and music itself — through an in-app curriculum of bite-sized, interactive lessons. They're as engaging as the coaches who teach you.

What you'll learn

Playing technique

From how you hold your finger on a key, to how you move between octaves


From the notes within different scales, to their role as the building blocks of songs


How chords build on scales, adding harmonic depth and vibrancy to songs 


How rhythm follows methodical rules, even when it seems to shift freely  

Famous songs 

How to play some of the most popular songs in LUMI, with note-by-note instruction


How to play songs in the genres of pop, blues, reggae, dance and more

How you'll learn

Learn from instructors

Instructors explain the principles and guide you in short, interactive films    

Follow the hands

Top-down instructional films help you see keyboard concepts and techniques up close  

Choose from three paths 

Lessons are organized in three paths, starting with the very basics  

Track your progress

Real-time feedback helps you track your progress and motivate your practice

Meet your keyboard coaches

Talented LUMI coaches lead each lesson in the app. Whether they’re introducing new musical concepts or showing you where to place your fingers, they’ll guide you as you grow.


Practice scales and chords

There’s no better way to understand a song’s essence than to practice scales and chords in the key of the song. LUMI’s interactive Exercises let you do just that — in every key. Gain knowledge so fundamental that you’ll carry it in to every song you play. Piano lessons often start with scales for good reasons! 

Coming soon: Games

Spaceships, springboards, and bouncy balls can also teach you music! Games in the LUMI app are so fun you’ll hardly notice you’re still learning. Look out for the first game, the dawn of a neverending (and possibly dangerous) quest to reinforce your skills. 

Lessons are well made and easy to follow, they’re interactive, almost like a teacher at home


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