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You can achieve so much with LUMI in 30 days. Try learning 30 new songs, one every day! We’re sure you’ll love LUMI, but you’re under no obligation to keep it. 

Our 30 Day Home Trial takes the risk out of trying LUMI.

How it works

Delivery and registration

Unbox your LUMI, set up your account, activate your Complete subscription, and download the LUMI app.

30 Day exploration period

For 30 days explore LUMI’s 1000+ songs, lessons, exercises, and games. See how far you can go!

Decision time

If LUMI’s not right for you, just return it by the end of the 30 day period for a full refund. No problem, no questions asked.

Make the most of 30 days

Start at a level that’s right for you

It’s fine to jump in at the deep end, but that’s not always the best way to learn to swim. Pick a piece of content that seems very challenging, another that seems really easy, and get a feel for where your true comfort level lies. Build from there. Or start at the beginning with LUMI's guided lesson paths.

Try out all LUMI content 

Songs range from medieval folk tunes to today’s most-played hits on Spotify. And LUMI is not just songs: there are 100s of lessons and exercises as well. Get a taste for it all! 

Make a daily practice 

It doesn’t need to be 30 days straight. But try to give yourself a few consecutive days with LUMI, even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day. This is one of the best ways to get immersed, find the content that interests you most, and see results.


See what’s possible in 30 days

Isaac is just one of the Luminaries who has seen great results in little time. Hear what they’ve done in 30 days.
See what’s possible in 30 days

My first 30 days with LUMI have been amazing, I've learned so much!


Hassle-free returns

If you decide to return LUMI, our dedicated LUMI Support team will ensure it’s hassle-free. We’ll send you a return shipping label, and all you’ll need to do is arrange a pickup or drop it off at the nearest depot. Easy!

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