Alternative ways to learn piano through your ipad

Why traditional piano learning fails in 9/10 cases



4th February 2023


The traditional approach to learning the piano has sadly failed many aspiring pianists over the years. After all, what good is spending hours practising scales and chords if it doesn't translate into increased musicality? 9 out of 10 times, this method simply leads to frustration and disillusionment. It can be hard to stay motivated when there’s no clear goal in sight.  It's no wonder so many people give up on their dreams of becoming a virtuoso!

It’s worth considering why people want to learn piano in the first place. Generally learners are motivated by the idea of being able to sit down and play a song that they love for family and friends. They also like the ancillary benefits that playing the piano can bring - a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of calm.  This means that for some people more traditional ‘classical’ piano learning is not such a good fit.

Traditional methods of learning piano are ineffective and outdated

Not everyone wants to learn in the traditional way. It can feel quite slow and arduous, with limited rewards in the early stages. It is also extremely expensive as it usually requires a one to one lesson with a teacher each week which can also mean a significant time commitment as the pupil also needs to travel to the teacher’s studio and back. Traditional piano learning also requires the pupil to commit to practising regularly and to having a good understanding not just of what to practise but also how to practise in order to get the best results. For some learners, it’s hard to fit traditional learning into a busy schedule. For others, unsupervised practice is difficult to stick to and can lead to bad habits setting in.

Students often give up because it's too difficult to learn in a traditional setting

Traditional methods are based on learning to read sheet music as they are focused on teaching you to become a classical pianist. This way of teaching and learning has remained the same for hundreds of years with limited innovation. But for many learners, it can feel very difficult to learn in a traditional setting and for this reason they often give up after a year or two. 

The best way to learn piano is through digital programs that cater to your individual learning style

Different people like to learn in different ways. In recent years, technological developments have enabled significant innovation in piano learning approaches which means that there are new ways to learn piano that appeal to different types of learners. So whether you like to learn by ear or if you’re more of a visual learner, you can find the right approach that works for you. 


You can learn at your own pace, without having to adhere to a strict class schedule

By learning online, you can set the pace for your learning, and not feel tied to a weekly commitment with a teacher. This can allow for more flexibility and in many cases leads to learners tuning in more regularly, practising ‘little and often’ rather than cramming a practice session in the night before their weekly lesson! 

You can also choose the type of music you want to learn

Many learners want to start by learning songs they love. With traditional piano lessons, it  can sometimes take a long time to get to a level where you can play the material you are really interested in. Learning apps, such as LUMI Music, allow you to start with a song you know and love. This is highly motivating. It can also make it easier to learn, as you already know how the tune is meant to sound. 


App based programs are more affordable and provide all the resources you need to succeed

A year of traditional piano lessons can cost as much as $1500 for one person. Learning using a music app, such as LUMI Music, provides a much more affordable way to get started for approximately 90% less than traditional piano lessons 

It's time to leave the traditional lessons of yesterday behind, and unlock your potential through modern methods of piano learning. With the right guidance and resources, you can become a master musician in no time. Let's get started!

4th February 2023

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