Learn how to play keys and notes with LUMI's Keydle
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Keydle - unlock your musical potential

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6th April 2023


Start your day the musical way with the new fun ear-training game from LUMI, designed to build your musicianship.  Inspired by Wordle, Keydle challenges you to solve a daily melody puzzle. 

Each day you’ll have the chance to identify the six-note Keydle tune using the piano keyboard displayed in your browser. Choose between easy mode (which gives you a helping hand by lighting up the starting note) and hard mode (which requires you to rely on your ear skills alone!) 

Core aural training methods such as Keydle allow you to enhance your ear skills which are fundamental to developing your musicianship. The better your ear, the more easily you’ll be able to pick up new melodies or jam along when you’re playing with friends.  

Play Keydle each day and unlock your musical potential.

6th April 2023

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