Learn keys by shooting asteroids and enemy ships

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29th September 2022

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Superluminal takes piano-learning out of this world! Play the right keys to level up your skills and blast your way through your piano goals.

But first, let's set the scene. Your ship is stranded in another dimension without fuel. You can collect the valuable minerals you need to fuel your ship by destroying asteroids — but don't let them crash into your shields! Do you have what it takes to shoot enough asteroids and enemy ships across 144 challenging levels to find your way home?

This uniquely thrilling way to learn key signatures, chords and scales is exclusively available with LUMI Membership. Watch the film and learn how Superluminal works below:

Choose your level

Every dimension in Superluminal is tied to a key signature — sets of notes that help you play songs. As you progress, you'll unlock new more challenging dimensions! 

Collect fuel

As you play, you'll need to hit the right keys to shoot asteroids as they head towards your ship. Each asteroid contains minerals that power your engine onto new levels.

Shoot enemy ships

Asteroids aren't the only thing you'll find across the dimensions. Look out for enemy ships that shoot back at you. Fire at them first to protect your shields!

Learn scales and chords

Sometimes you'll find asteroids in scale or chord formations. So you'll not only be learning key signatures, but also handy finger patterns as you play.

Blast off with Superluminal today!

29th September 2022

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