Summer Jams: Exploring LUMI's popular songs for fun in the sun. Let's dive into a curated list of songs that resonate with the joy of summer while challenging and enchanting aspiring pianists. Discover all these songs and more in the LUMI piano learning app.

Summer Jams:

Exploring LUMI's popular songs for fun in the sun

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18th August 2023

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Summer — a season synonymous with sun-kissed days, beach trips, and of course, infectious music. As the world outside radiates warmth, what could be more delightful than immersing yourself in sun-drenched melodies on the piano? So let's dive into a curated list of songs that resonate with the joy of summer. Discover all these and more in the LUMI piano learning app

1. The Beach Boys — Kokomo

A symbol of the American summer soundscape, The Beach Boys take us on a journey to the idyllic shores of “Kokomo”. The ensemble’s harmonization is a marvel and understanding it on the piano can deepen your appreciation of layered sounds. This song features captivating chord progressions that train the fingers to move gracefully across keys. Playing "Kokomo" not only evokes the feel of the waves lapping at the shore but also instills a sense of rhythm and harmony foundational to many piano pieces.

2. Calvin Harris — Summer

Harris’s tracks have long been summer anthems, and “Summer” is no exception. While primarily electronic, translating this song onto the piano gives it a fresh, organic vibe. The song’s repetitive yet compelling chord structure can be a rewarding practice for finger strength and placement. Aspiring pianists will also find its steady and upbeat tempo beneficial in understanding pacing and rhythm.

3. Harry Styles — Watermelon Sugar

A vibrant nod to warm memories, Styles's "Watermelon Sugar" is drenched in nostalgia. On the piano, the song offers an exploration of texture and rhythm. The cascading notes and harmonies provide a chance to practice finger dexterity while maintaining the tune's playful bounce. Its melodies, both simple and complex, are bound to challenge and entertain learners at every turn.

4. Jason Mraz — I’m Yours

Mraz's breezy classic encapsulates the serenity of a summer day. Beyond its catchy lyrics, the song's underpinning is a series of melodious lines that are both soothing and challenging for pianists. It's a valuable lesson in musical expressiveness, helping players navigate crescendos and diminuendos to replicate the song's emotive pull.

5. The Jackson 5 — I Want You Back

With a pulsating energy, this Motown classic by The Jackson 5 will have fingers dancing across the keys. Its quick tempo and swift note transitions make it a joyous challenge for learners. The song's rhythm demands keen attention, helping pianists develop a strong sense of timing and coordination.

6. Justin Timberlake — Can't Stop The Feeling

Timberlake's energetic chart-topper is all about joy and celebration. On the piano, its intricate harmonies paired with rhythmic variations offer a delightful challenge. The song encourages pianists to transition seamlessly between soft, melodic sections and more robust, rhythmic parts, cultivating versatility in playing.

7. Whitney Houston — I Wanna Dance With Somebody

The powerhouse that was Whitney Houston blessed us with this gem that perfectly marries pop and soul. For pianists, it's a masterclass in emotion and technique. The varying tempo and Houston's iconic vocal shifts challenge players to mirror her energy and passion on the keys, making for an immersive experience.

Embarking on this musical journey promises not just the development of skills but also a beautiful intertwining of memories associated with each song. As the sun sets on a warm evening, let the melodies transport you to your favorite summer moments. With LUMI guiding your way, every chord and note becomes an exploration, an adventure. So, let the summer magic begin, one key at a time.     

18th August 2023

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