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Sounds funny: Top 5 piano-playing comedians

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25th May 2023

    When you’re taking your first steps to learning piano, the idea of performing and singing at the same time may feel a long way off… We have been marvelling at the creative genius of these five artists who not only play the piano brilliantly but manage to make it seriously funny too!  Find some inspiration in this amazing array of comedians who bring humour to their piano playing.

    Top 5 piano-playing comedians

    Victor Borge

    Perhaps the OG of comic pianists, Danish-American Victor Borge was born in 1909. He was a true virtuoso classical pianist and, as well as performing as a soloist with orchestras, he liked to use the piano to break down barriers and make people laugh.

    Tim Minchin

    Australian comedian Tim Minchin combines musical dexterity with brilliant songwriting, perhaps most famously in the musical Matilda. In his famous song, Prejudice he showcases jawdropping jazz licks on the piano with a seriously powerful vocal performance.

    Victoria Wood

    A brilliant comedienne and sketch writer, Victoria Wood was also a songwriter and would often end her shows at the piano with a song that showcased her observational humour and sharp wit.

    Bo Burnham

    The youngest of our comedians, Bo Burnham, is an American stand-up comedian who combines his brilliant piano-playing skills with songwriting. 

    Bill Bailey

    In this brilliant song, Bill Bailey introduces the Major and Minor keys with a witty song that explains how evocative the different sounds can be.

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    25th May 2023

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