It's a fact: making music is good for you!



The LUMI Education Team

28th September 2022


We all know that listening to our favorite song can lift our spirits. But can playing musical instrument have the same effect? Yes, according to research.

2006 survey asked adults across the US who were studying piano or keyboard why they chose to spend their free time making music. Over 80% of respondents reported that it helped reduce stress and improved their self-esteem. More than 90% said playing was fun and offered a welcome escape from their normal routine.

And the evidence is not just anecdotal. There’s a growing body of scientific and social research that suggests music creation makes people happier. In one recent study by the University College London, a group of people using mental health services were offered weekly drumming lessons alongside their normal treatment.

After 10 weeks of drumming, depression fell by 38% compared to a group without access to the classes. Researchers noticed significant decreases in anxiety too. It might sound paradoxical, but banging loudly on a drum could be a good way to induce inner calm. Scientists have also noticed dips in negative feelings for over 60s taking up singing lessons.

And although some researchers warn that we should be wary of wallowing in sad music, making music of any kind tends to make people happier.

Benefits of learning piano on the LUMI Keys & App

Regular engagement with music creation has been linked to the longevity of positive thoughts. There have been promising investigations into the effectiveness of music therapy, focused on singing, playing and improvising with sound. Expressing yourself through music can be a cathartic experience, which helps to channel negative emotions into a creative outlet.

You don’t need to be as talented as Mozart to enjoy the benefits of making music. In each of these studies many participants were complete beginners, who were expressing themselves through sound for the first time.

So express yourself through music today. Whether you're learning a new musical instrument or just singing to yourself in the shower — chances are, you’ll feel a little happier!

Benefits of playing piano and other musical instruments

Continued engagement with a musical instrument has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety.

The LUMI Education Team

28th September 2022

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