Introducing Stage 6

Six hours of new interactive lessons

Introducing Stage 6

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11th April 2023

    All-new lessons and tutorials are available now in the LUMI app! With the new skills you’ll learn in Stage 6 you’ll be ready to perform pop-hits from Beyonce, Katy Perry, Cher, Elton John and many more. Developed by our in-house experts and with feedback from our learner community, Stage 6 includes longer and fully interactive fun lessons to take your playing to the next level. 

    Stage 6 will give you plenty of time to practice even more key signatures and scales — and to ensure you look and feel like a pro player, you’ll get to grips with different finger-crossings all while improving your dexterity in both hands.


    What's included in the new lessons?

    Stage 6 in the LUMI app

    Led by our coaches Matshidiso and Emily, and with over six hours of tutorials, across 40 new lessons, Stage 6 is all about key signatures and scales. Building on your knowledge from Stages 1-5, you will learn scales and play songs/exercises in different key signatures such as: 

    • A major and F# minor

    • E major and C# minor

    • Ab major and F minor

    • Eb major and C minor

    • B major and G# minor

    The lessons in Stage 6 help you focus and structure your practice routine. You'll be taken through each song or exercise by the coach and then you'll have time to practice the different sections slowly before putting them all together at full speed. 

    • LUMI Stage 6 Tip #1: Players should ensure that the 'finger numbers' icon in the LUMI app lesson is 'on' to make it extra clear you’re using the right finger for each note. 

    • LUMI Stage 6 Tip #2: Even with the longer lessons, you can still return to the exercise or song as many times as you need — rather than playing from start to finish, there’s no need to rush!  

    Songs you'll learn with the lessons in Stage 6

    • Course 1

    ○ Quick Play - Africa (A major) Toto

    ○ Quick Play - September (A major) Earth, Wind & Fire

    ○ Quick Play - Silence (E major) Marshmello featuring Khalid

    • Course 2

    ○ Quick Play - Firework (Ab major) Katy Perry

    ○ Over the Rainbow (Eb major) Harold Arlen

    ○ Quick Play - Valerie (Eb major) Amy Winehouse

    Course 3

    ○ Quick Play: Can Can (B major) J. Offenbach

    ○ Believe (F# major) Cher

    ○ In the End (Eb minor) Linkin Park

    Course 4

    ○ Quick Play- Moon River (Db major) Andy Williams

    ○ Quick Play - I'm Still Standing (Bb minor) Elton John

    Where do the lessons fit into the LUMI curriculum?

    Stage 1 - A beginner introduction to playing, focussing on timing and note names

    Stage 2 - An introduction to musical terminology, finger numbers, rhythm and pitch

    Stage 3 - Discover different note durations, accidentals, general technique

    Stage 4 - Explore key signatures, scales and chords, note durations etc.

    Stage 5 - Play-through chords and chord progressions, major, minor and seventh chords and arpeggios

    Stage 6 - Learn all about key signatures and scales — improve your hand placement, finger numbers, finger-crossing and general dexterity.

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    11th April 2023

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