LUMI by ROLI_Black

A Smarter way to Learn and play music

LUMI is the illuminated keyboard and app that lets anyone be more musical in minutes. Pick a song and play along by following lights. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress.


Lights, Color, ACTION

LUMI is a keyboard that lights up under your fingers. It’s an app that guides you every step of the way. And it’s a song library too, so you can start out with a tune you already know.

All three parts work together so you can:

PLAY great songs, note by note, just by following the lights — in your own time, at your own pace
JAM along to songs, just like you’re in the band. The chords and notes light up, so you can improvise in real time
LEARN music basics not only by playing, but also through fast in-app lessons

A Keyboard like no other

LUMI takes music from black and white to technicolor. You can see it the moment you turn on LUMI Keys, the brightest RGB-illuminated keyboard ever made.

An app that makes playing fun

LUMI Keys is powered by the LUMI app. It’s where you pick songs and decide how you want to play them. No matter what you choose, you’ll have fun as you learn.


Compact and lightweight, LUMI Keys can travel anywhere. At just 600g it weighs less than an iPad Pro. It’s smaller than almost all laptops, so it fits easily in bags and backpacks. When you’re taking LUMI on the go, you can protect the keyboard in style with a custom-made Snapcase.


Snap two or more LUMI Keys together to instantly expand your keyboard. ROLI's patented magnetic connectors and an edge-to-edge design come together to make LUMI Keys the world’s first fully expandable keyboard.


We reinvented the keyboard once before at ROLI. The Seaboard is a revolutionary instrument that’s everywhere from La La Land to the studios of world-renowned artists like RZA, Grimes, and Hans Zimmer. Now we’re doing it again, building on years of expertise and innovation in hardware, software, sound design, industrial design, and audio coding.

Learn more about the cutting-edge technologies of LUMI in this film:


Featured IN

"LUMI eliminates the "language barrier" that stands between would-be musicians and their instrument"

"Next thing you know, you’re playing a song"

"Teaches users to play the piano from scratch, before transforming into a tool for jamming and even composition"

“I don’t know of anything else this portable that feels as good to play”

“Think Guitar Hero, but for becoming the next Vince Clarke or Vangelis, rather than half of a Hendrix”

“Piano lessons will never be the same”

"The intuitive impact of being able to follow the lights as an aid to playing is not to be understated."

lumi keys specifications

24 full spectrum illuminated keys featuring ROLI Brightkey™ technology
Key Size:
DS 5.5®, 9.67mm wide high keys, 19.4mm wide low keys
Key Plunge:
10mm, 92% plunge distance of a grand piano
Octave Range:
2 octaves with octave shift buttons for full 7 octaves
Modular Design:
8 DNA connectors for connecting additional LUMI Keys or ROLI BLOCKS
Rechargeable Lithium battery (2,300 mAh) for 6 hours of fully illuminated playing. 4-5 hours charge time
Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C port (MIDI out and power)
Bluetooth Range:
15 meters (50 feet)
(L x W x D)
282mm x 141mm x 27mm
(11" x 5.5" x 1")
Expressive Performance:
Pressure responsive keys featuring Polyphonic Aftertouch
600g (1.3lbs)

Lumi comes with

LUMI Keys, the LUMI app, USB Cable, Quickstart Guide, Warranty Overview
LUMI App Compatibility:
iOS 12.0 and above
Select Android devices to be confirmed
Additional software for pro musicians included:
ROLI Studio Player, the NOISE app, ROLI Dashboard