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The all-in-one system that makes piano learning fun

Everyone has a musical side, but learning to play an instrument can be daunting. LUMI changes that, and gives you everything you need to start learning the piano. Light and color transform the experience, making it fun, easy, and rewarding. Dive right in, start playing songs you love, and discover that you're a musician too. 



Play on a colorful keyboard with lights that guide you


Choose your learning adventure in an app that pairs with the keyboard

LUMI Library

Browse the full library of Songs, Lessons, and Games in LUMI Complete


See LUMI in action

See LUMI in action

All you need to play and learn

Play anywhere

The ultra-compact LUMI Keys connects wirelessly to the app on your mobile or tablet. Put LUMI in your bag and roam free.

Songs you'll love to play

Choose from hundreds of songs, from Bach to Beyonce to the Beatles. Learning is fun when you're playing songs you love.

Fun, interactive lessons

Step into a virtual classroom for a few minutes, and come out with skills that immediately help you play. LUMI’s 100+ lessons cover scales, chords, technique, and much more — taught by friendly coaches in interactive modules.

It's all here

LUMI is the first music learning system to combine a keyboard, app, and content library, integrated through sound, light, and color. You don’t need anything else to get started.

Games that build skills

Inspired by classic arcade games, LUMI helps you reinforce your skills and build muscle memory as you explore strange kingdoms, obliterate spaceships … and up your score.


30 days with LUMI: Isaac's story

30 days with LUMI: Isaac's story

Learn piano from home

LUMI is designed for self-directed learning. That’s important now, since so much of our work, play, and fun is happening at home. The keys will light up and guide you, while you choose your own adventure through the app. Get into lessons, practice, scales, and more – all without ever having to leave your house.

For learners of all ages

Learning is a lifelong journey, and LUMI can help anyone gain musical skills — whether they’re eight or 80. Children love learning piano through LUMI’s lights and colors. Beginners of any age can get started in the most fun, non-daunting way possible — or find their way back to forgotten skills.*

*LUMI is recommended for children 8+


How you learn with LUMI

How you learn with LUMI

Explore the LUMI system


LUMI’s keys are brilliantly illuminated. The colors and lights on the keyboard sync with those in the app, guiding you to play in the most intuitive possible way.

  • Fresnel Lens-inspired design 

  • Full RGB illumination per key  

  • Expandable — connect 2 LUMIs together

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In the playground of the LUMI app you’ll discover songs, lessons, and exercises, plus easy-to-use tools to help you tailor your experience.

  • Interactive song and lesson content  

  • Real-time feedback to help track your progress

  • New features and content added regularly

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LUMI Library

Choose from two tiers of content. LUMI Essential gets you started. Join LUMI Complete to enjoy the full, always-growing library of songs, lessons, exercises, and games.

  • LUMI Essential (free with LUMI): 40 classic Songs, 60+ introductory Lessons, and 72 Exercises.

  • LUMI Complete: 600+ Songs, 200+ Lessons, and 380 Exercises including all content in LUMI Essential ($9.99 per month, or $6.67 pm for annual membership) 

Learn more about LUMI Library

From the innovators behind the Seaboard

We reinvented the keyboard once before. It’s done it again, building on years of expertise in hardware and software engineering, sound design, industrial design, and audio coding.

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